The H-Tea Tree line was developed specifically for hair subjected to chemical transformation processes such as smoothing, brushing progressive, permanent, staining and discoloration. It has a balanced combination of Melaleuca oil – a natural antifungal agent that acts gently on the scalp, controlling excess oil without drying the wires; Buriti oil rich in Pro Vitamin A that works by increasing the elasticity, reducing dryness, protecting and strengthening the wires; Aloe Vera extract and keratin amino acids that restructures the hair fiber providing complete restoration to the hair, replenishing the mass sensitized by chemical processes, and restore health, shine, balance, strength and natural conditioning to the hair.

How to use:

Shampoo- Apply to the fullest extent of massaging wires to form abundant foam. Rinse and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Mask- After washing and rinsing the hair apply a moisturizing mask the full extent of the wires gently massaging. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse.

Leave-in- After washing the hair and before untangling, apply Leave-in uniformly in the length of the wires. Do not rinse.

moisturizing mask 300ml;

Shampoo revitalizing 300 ml;

Leave-in 150ml;

Silicone with melaleuca oil 45ml