The Inoar Keratin Hair Treatment System Kit is perfect for intense reconstruction of damaged hair or chemically treated.
Its unique formula contains Keratin Hidroalisada low molecular weight returns to wire their vital and fundamental elements lost in the course of chemical processes. Also helps wires volume reduction.
The Inoar Hair Treatment line is ideal for the Pre and Post Chemical treatment promotes an instant and intense reconstruction of the wires. His hair gain brightness, sedosidadee daily protection.

How to use:

1 – Apply the shampoo on wet hair, gently massaging. Start at the scalp and move the product along the entire length of the wires. Then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the operation. Remove excess wire water pressing them gently with a towel. Dry about 80% of wires with a dryer, without mouthpiece and without brushing.
2 – Apply the treatment Keratin replacement of the wires, enluvando repeatedly. Let stand for 3 minutes without massaging. Do not rinse.
3 – Apply the mask treatment on the hair. Gently massage, enluvando for 3 minutes in small sections. Rinse. Remove excess water from hair pressing them gently with a towel. Do not apply the mask on the scalp!
4 – Apply a small amount of leave-in on the palms. Scrub, activating the product. Distribute on the still damp strands. Do not rinse. Do not apply on the scalp.
Style as desired. Best results are obtained with brushing (heat), after applying the ritual.
Obs .: Do not apply the treatment and finishing products in the scalp. Calculate at least 3 cm away.
Tip: No treatment replacement keratin, can be used for moisturizing.
Hair instantly recovered, nourished, with softness and silkiness, radiant glow and low volume!


1 Shampoo Hair Treatment Inoar Prepare 1000ml
1 Treatment Inoar Keratin Hair Treatment System 1000ml
1 Inoar Mask Hair Treatment Mask 1000ml
1 Leave In Hair Treatment Inoar Protection 250ml