Blue Gold Premium has concentrated formula that provides greater performance for fast and efficient implementation without fading the hair fiber. Its action uses the technology of Taninoplastia that acts forming a protein network within the intercellular cement cortex that when activated by the temperature of the board, provides the desired format and ensuring hair more smooth, natural and bright!
How to use:

1- With wet hair, evenly distribute an abundant amount of Anti Waste Shampoo for all wires, massaging gently without rubbing the scalp and without bending or twisting the wires. Rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water and remove the excess with the help of a towel. Pay attention to the implementation and proper cleaning the front and neck regions.

2- After removing excess water with a towel to the end of Step 1, applying the cream Condition Reconstructor strand by strand, aligning the wire with the aid of a comb. Let the product act for 30 minutes to allow the hair absorb all its properties. Rinsing (only with water) hair completely removing the product without leaving any residue.

3- Make a smooth brush the root to tip, since activating the intense and satin touch glow, as if already pranchados.

4- Flat iron slowly into thin strands on average 10 to 20 times according to the structure and fiber strength.

-1 Premium Blue Gold Anti Waste Sahmpoo Salvatore 1L
-1 Premium Blue Gold Condition Reconstructor Salvatore 1L