W.One Nano Protein: Straightens, hydrates and rebuilds the hair.

– Faster application
– Does not contain formaldehyde.
– Does not contain carbocystein.
– Does not burn eyes or respiratory system.
– It does not produce strong smell.
– Straightens hair 100%.
– Holds no risk to the health of the client or the professional.
– Is compatible with any hair, including blond hair.
– Is dermatologically tested.

W. One Floractive Nano Protein, Progressive Hair Straightening.

The revolutionary W.One is good for 3 main reasons: Saves time because you don’t need to wash the hair first, it’s free of FORMALDEHYDE and the third is that you can buy it at Keratin Infusion Store.

Time is money! Specially in busy salons. Straightening hairs can take too long and get you busy all day. Besides that, anti-residue shampoos, used in the first procedure to open the cuticle of the wire, leaves the hair very dry hair and difficult to comb.

Floractive decided to change that with W.One Floractive Nano Protein Launched in Brazil about a year ago, the product is starting to get famous all over the world. Floractive W.One is a respectful product because it DOES NOT USES FORMALDEHYDE and you get the same results as the most famous straighteners around. It’s a relative new but very innovative brand.

A perfect innovative hair treatment formula that is both safe and highly effective!

Everything you need to know about W.ONE Nano Protein Floractive: